Profile - Linda Pancari

Linda Pancari began her artistic experience doing intaglio printing and oil painting.  After receiving her BFA from Carnegie-Mellon University in Pittsburgh, she started working with a textile company in New York.  Her desire to gain more knowledge of printmaking and textiles brought her first to Urbino, Italy,  where she participated in an international printmaking course  and then to Como, Italy,  where she started designing in one of the most important studios for the following 7 years. 

In 1988 she opened her own studio, in the historic part of Como, Italy.  There she continued creating designs with a variety of techniques and surfaces.  In the latter years, she introduced digital techniques to her designing. 

Fashion design became more of just a print on a dress, many times it became a piece of artwork.  Linda enjoys mixing the more traditional, hand-painted techniques with new technology.

Today Linda is creating a "one of a kind” accessory for the woman or man who want something special, exciting, fun or with just a little drama in their everyday life.

She established her home in Como, Italy in 1980 where she is presently located.